French Film Festivals

People are very interested in French cinema. French film festivals are a great way to show the world the brilliance of French cinema. French film festivals are held in several places. These are the main festivals:

  • Cannes Film Festival: This prestigious festival takes place every May.This is the most important French film festival. It goes on for 12 days, and movie stars from all over the world are honoured with an invitation to this grand event. This festival attracts over 30,000 film industry professionals.

Among the invitees, not only the movie stars attend this event, but everyone, including the producers, directors, and distributors, attends this event. Celebrities walk the red carpet at the Cannes festival. About 20 films are selected to be judged, and therefore the best director, the best actor, and the best actress are determined.

The films shown are not accessible to the general public. But there are events where ordinary people can participate.

The History of the French Film Festival:

The film festival started 64 years ago with the Cannes festival in the year 1946. In the second year of its start, 16 different countries participated. A jury is appointed annually. The heads of the jury appoint the other members of the panel. Together, they choose films that have excelled in their quality, and honour in the form of awards and appreciation is bestowed upon the films. The first time it was held in 1946, it was a huge success. Its popularity has since increased.

In the year 1955, the Golden Palm was introduced at these festivals. It was a major event in its history.


The awards are given for various aspects of film making. In total, there are 3 categories in which prizes are awarded. The competition is very tough and some of the most sought after awards at the French Film Festival are: Golden Palm, the main prize of the festival, jury prize, best female actor, best male actor, best director, best screenplay. There are prizes for the best feature film, the best student film, etc.

The last festival, the Festival of Cannes 2010, is over.

It was held from May 12 to 23, 2010. This year’s short films also received a section. Tim Burton was the head of the jury at the last French film festival, which wasas big as ever.

Another French festival of equal importance is

Carnival in Nice. This festival starts in the winter, in the month of February. At this French film festival, spectators do not participate in the events by wearing masks and costumes, unlike at the Mardi Gras held in New Orleans. However, this does not detract from the spirit of this festival, which is unique in its own way. Several parades are held, flowers are displayed throughout, and several neighbourhood events take place.